Pokémon Stadium is a 1999 fighting game for the Nintendo 64 console.


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When a player decides to run or has lost the match in 1 Player modes such as Stadium, the match ends with results with "Lose" on the player's Pokemon and "Win" in the CPU's Pokemon. The blue box will appear with 5 options to either Continue, Save or restart the battle. The player must have Continues in-order to save or continue otherwise these 2 options are disabled/greyed out. If a player has won a match, the player will be able to move onto another level with the CPU trainer being crossed out. If it doesn't have any fainted Pokemon, it will be earned a continue along with the reward. If all the matches were won, then a trophy for a specific cup will be rewarded to the player.

In Kids Club after receiving 3 stars on top of the player icon to earn the championship, the game mode ends with "The Champion" on the center of the screen.

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Gym Leader Match Clear

Gym Castle Clear

Kids Center (Champion)

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