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Game Over Dex

From the creator of the Jiggly Wiki brings you a strange new Wiki: the Game Over Dex Wiki!

This Wiki focuses on Continue and Game Over screens from Video Games including Permanent Deaths. Whenever they're official, pirated, or fan made. Check the Wiki Activity page to see what's new in the world of Game Over screens. It now has a sister site, the Press Start Dex Wiki!

Push this to get in to the wacky world of game over screens! Game Over screens by Console

Contribute to the Game Over Dex Wiki

To get started, use the Create Page feature to create a new page.

- All Game Over/Continue pages must have either a screen shot or a video of a Game Over/Continue screen, even during or after gameplay footage.

- Must have full details on the Game Over screen and the continue screen themselves, both the appearance and what it does in or outside of the screen. This also applies to permadeaths too. The latter is optional.

- Make sure to include what system is the game is made for and what year is released.

- Death Animations and bad endings are also accepted as well.

- Fan games, Doujinsoft, Pirate Bootlegs and games made in RPG Maker (or any other game creating program) are accepted, too.

- If there's any typos and grammar issues present, feel free to correct them.

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